In 2001, several Venice-area community leaders recognized the need to provide additional support to students and community members regarding post-secondary planning and decision-making. These community leaders formed a 22-member Board of Directors with the vision of starting a program that would supplement the services provided by Venice High School. Teamed with the School Board and school officials, the Board of Directors began by reviewing similar programs throughout the country.

After this review, a vision was formed and the Board began to seek funding. Coupled with support from community organization, the Venice-Nokomis Rotary Club agreed to be the primary continuous sponsor of the program, thereby the name “Rotary Futures Program”. Housed at Venice High School, the Rotary Futures College Resource Center (RFCRC) opened its doors in January 2002.


The Rotary Futures College Resource Center (RFCRC) is a community based non-profit resource center located at Venice High School that provides FREE post-secondary planning services to Venice-area students of all ages. The RFCRC’s innovative approach utilizes a resource center with 13 Internet computers, numerous printed materials, and willing volunteers to assist students, parents, and community members. Since opening its doors in January 2002, the RFCRC has had over 40,000 visitors. This comprehensive program provides assistance with post-secondary planning including: college and technical school research, school applications, resumes, SAT/ACT information, scholarships, Federal Aid, Bright Futures, and volunteer service hours. The Rotary Futures Program developed and implemented the first local scholarship database, which now houses over 900 local, national and institutional scholarships valued at more than $6 million. Since its inception, VHS students have earned over $21 million dollars in local and institutional scholarship dollars. Open to area students of all ages, the RFCRC is an invaluable and unique resource in the Venice community. In 2011 RFCRC officially changed its name to Rotary Futures College Resource Center to better reflect the services provided to the greater Venice area community.




Total visits to date = over 65,000 visits
Students from all area high schools have visited as well as parents and community members.


Developed the first local scholarship database
Contains over 900 scholarships (local, national, and institutional)

SCHOLARSHIPS received by VHS students (not including Bright Futures)
2001 = $585,685 (class size of 575)
2002 = $786,725 (class size of 560)
2003 = $746,595 (class size of 547)
2004 = $1,400,158 (class size of 466)
(includes 3 Service Academy appointments = $750,000)
2005 = $1,066,500 (class size of 473)
2006 = $1,411,742 (class size of 460)
2007 = $1,102,666 (class size of 475)
2008 = $2,147,919 (class size of 480)
2009 = $2,770,580 (class size of 469)
2010 = $2,097,377 (class size of 477)
2011 = $2,502,166 (class size of 439)
2012 = $3,409,929 (class size of 432)
2013 = $2,439,171 (class size of 435)
2014 = $3,371,131 (class size of 454)
2015 = $3,982,303 (class size of 450)
2016 = $3,489,202 (class size of 460)
The above numbers represent total scholarships accepted, not offered.

Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) – $3,780 avg. annual award to a
Florida university
Flordia Medallion Scholar (FMS) – $2,850 avg. annual award to a
Florida university
Gold Seal Vocational (GSV) – $2,850 avg annual award to a Florida


22-member community board
School District and VHS Principal Eric Jackson
Many community organizations
Wonderful volunteers!

Located in VHS Administration Building, the RFCRC is an invaluable and unique resource to the Venice-area community and is open to students of all ages. Our hours are Tuesday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm, closed on Monday. All services are free of charge. For more information, call 480-3178 or contact us.