Some ways that we can help include:

  • Advise students on their post-secondary opportunities

  • Provide resources on colleges and technical/vocational school opportunities

  • Communicate through the internet and traditional newsletters, school bulletin boards, social networks and the news media

  • Inspire students to develop higher life-skill goals

  • Help find scholarship opportunities both locally and through learning institutions as well as other national and regional sources

  • Provide SAT/FCAT test calendars, registration materials, registration assistance and after-school prep class (class for VHS students only at this time)

  • Provide access to college and career education representatives

  • Conduct informational evening meetings for parents

  • Give financial aid assistance, including filling out forms

  • Assist in applying to colleges and technical schools

  • Interface with donors and foundations to build and maintain a comprehensive scholarship database

  • Coordinate community service hours for VHS students and provide information on possible volunteer needs in the community

  • Give presentations about the program to community groups including business leaders

  • Coordinate the VHS Senior Awards program

Please see our full list of services for more information.