Questions to Ask on Campus Tours

General – freshmen and trends

  1. What is unique about your institution?

  2. What’s it like being a student there?

  3. How large are freshman classes?

  4. How easy is it for freshmen to get the classes they want?

  5. How many freshmen return for their sophomore year?

  6. Are undergraduates considered important on this campus?

  7. Are you able to study in your dorm room?

  8. What would you most like to see improve on campus?

  9. How many students go here?

Academic – standards and staff

  1. What are the most popular majors? Why?

  2. What percentage of classes are taught by professors, and what percentage by teaching assistants?

  3. How accessible are the professors?

  4. What would you most like to see improve about the college’s academic offerings or standards?

  5. Do most students graduate in four years? What percentage do not?

  6. How many graduating seniors found employment upon graduation?

  7. How many times a year will you see your advisor?

  8. Is your advisor in your major?
  9. Do you have career counseling?

  10. What major corporations interview here?

  11. What percentage of professors have their doctorate?

  12. Can you study abroad?

Campus – facilities and services

  1. Can you access the book stacks in the library?

  2. Is there an academic support or writing center?

  3. Are computers readily available for use?

  4. Are computers readily available around exam time?

  5. Is there an internship resource center?

  6. Is there a job recruitment center for students who are graduating?

  7. What are the on-campus restaurant/cafeteria facilities like?

  8. What are the opening hours of the restaurants and other campus facilities?

  9. How good or bad is the food?

  10. What are the athletic facilities like?

  11. What facilities or services would they most like to see added on campus?

  12. When will I not have access to the food services?

  13. What is the availability of computer help?

Students – habits and practices

  1. Which type of students are happiest at the college?

  2. Which students usually succeed there?

  3. What percentage of students leave campus for the weekend?

  4. What kind of fraternity and sorority system is there?

  5. What percentage of the student body becomes involved in these societies?

  6. Where do students live after their first year: in dormitories, in fraternity/sorority houses, off campus?

  7. Are the dorms co-ed?

  8. Are the bathrooms co-ed?

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