“Career in a Year Bus Trip” to:

Suncoast Technical College Open to VHS Students only!


Tuesday, April 5th, 8 am – 1:30 pm. We will tour all of the STC (formerly SCTI) programs, and free lunch will be provided.


Who Should Attend

  • ANY STUDENT who might not have a post-secondary plan or who are interested in the STC programs.
  • Seniors must have passed FCAT or have the necessary ACT/SAT scores for a waiver. Students must graduate with a standard diploma or have a GED to attend STC. GPA is not a factor in admissions, but applicants do have to take a TABE test (much easier than SAT/ACT/PERT, etc.). Seniors will know if they are at risk of graduating with a Certificate of Completion because their guidance counselors have been discussing this with them all year. OF COURSE…any motivated student that is very close to passing FCAT may go on this Bus Trip. It may be the motivation they need to pass the test
  • We can take 50 students, so we want to fill our bus!
  • Permission slips required.


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